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The difference between witness marks & thread locker...

ces120777328 wrote:

The red marks are generally know as witness marks that can show that these parts were torqued to a certain value and if someone loosens the threaded part than the factory will know someone has been fiddling with the connection.

It would seem that the swivel end should have been on a ball and socket where the connection could freely swivel without loosening the thred and or nut. It would seem this is just a very poor design made by a junior engineer that has little practical experience?


I dunno if those are witness marks or thread locker. To me...It appears to be thread locker applied like witness marks. In other words...witness marks are applied after a thread is already torqued. Threadlocker should be applied to the threads prior to assembly, so the threadlocker is deeply dispersed into the thread. The marks I see in these pictures do indeed seem to show it purely on the surface. Lousy assembly!
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