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Re: Oly DSLR sales very weak

I tried to relay your information, which led me to your same conclusions.

However most won't accept it. They are phographers, not economists, therefore concerned with their equipment.

Therefore being in denial, conspiracy theories develop, secret weapons, change of format. The fact is that the change already happened. The PL1 sells more than all dSLR together sold in golden times.

For Oly it makes more business sense to provide higher grade native lenses for Micro than to try to ensure full compatibility with 4/3 lenses that were not designed for it. Therefore the E-5.

One must also accept that dSLR times could be over. Indeed is seems that all the market share of mirrorless has been earned to the expense of C&N which are pure dSLR makers in the ILS arena, and more of this is predicted.

So it is an issue difficult to discuss, because for some it seems that Oly is simply wrong, while I suspect that the true motive is that they don't accept mirrorless in general.

O&P are simply the two first companies to go through the process, so they take the flak. But it also the very reason why they have doubled market share and are growing.


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