16-85mm advice: will I be happy?

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16-85mm advice: will I be happy?

Dear DPReview Fellows!

Here I come again to ask for a piece of advice. The question is: will I be happy with a 16-85?

I just got a D90, reason is: my D50 broke inexpectedly, and I rather got a new camera than have it repaired. It was 3 years old and it had it time. However, I was about getting a new lens, which now is a new lens for the D90, of course.

In the last two years i shot with a 50/1.8 and a 28/2.8. Love the first, kind of love the second that has a bit too much distortion and CA at extremes, and also it falls into two stools: not a 35 and not a real wide angle. I had stopped using zooms since i really did not like and sold the 18-55 kit lens for how mushy it was.

My favorite subject for photos is my little son, and I like portraits in general, and candids. Also, I like to take pictures of interesting things i see in the street. I would like to do some macro too, but when will i have time? I don't have much spare time!

The fact is, when all this idea of a new lens came about, i thought i was getting a macro/portraits: 105 sigma or nikon or tamron 90mm, and the latter was my final decision for price/quality/size. Then, I started mumbiling: will i really use the lens that much? will i end in changing lens every 5 minutes because i can only take closups? will i be in the end leaving it home most times? etc.

So I then got into a store, and tried the Tamron 90, great lens. Tried the 16-85 and i thought: wow. Fast and accurate AF, like my 50/1.8, sharp across focals, not super fast, but VR and, hey, the D90 frankly rocks with noise control.

My doubt is: will I dislike the way it renders the bokeh? Will I think I gave up in all the progress i did while using primes? Can I still learn or will I become a lazy guy that should rather just get a P&S? Can I achieve great photos with a zoom?

Few more things: 1) I travel a lot for family reasons, I am not going to carry an additional bag, I carry the camera in my normal bag and having more than 2 lenses (now i have those 2) is not going to happen, I will end leaving them at home. 2) I am not going to give up the 50, I love it. 3) I can always buy more lenses in the future. Just right know I can only afford 1, and I am thinking selling the 28 and getting the 16-85. THen in the future I might go further wide, or further tele. Or a 38/1.8 or going 1.4 with the 50.

Do you have to spare a grain of wisdom for me on my choice, and/or, some great shots to share taken with a 16-85?

Is there anyone who didn't like at all the 16-85?


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