cs5 how many times?

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Re: cs5 how many times?

kcsun wrote:

I am thinking of upgrading my existing cs2 which is on 3 of my computers. When I checked on Adobe you only get one license, can I still load it on all 3 of my computers?

You get one license which specifies that you can run it on two computers, such as desktop and laptop or office and home.

You can install it on as many computers as you like. The catch is that you are limited to two activations, so while you may install it on 5000 computers, only two can be activated for your license at any time.

But it can be any two, and you can easily deactivate one computer and activate another, as someone else said. I have heard, though, that if the Adobe server notices that you are deactivating/activating very frequently, they might start asking you about that.

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