Today at photokina pentax and other brands

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Today at photokina pentax and other brands

I have visited photokina today. i arrived late and ill spend all tomorrow too.

i visited some brands before

SONY- i tried the alpha 33 55 , nice cameras but i really dont like the use of evf and i prefer ovf. Fast autofocus but there is lag behind the shots and with the tele it was very difficult to follow the action, as i expected. Anyway nice enter camera

Fuji- the real attraction of the fair. the x100 will be a sucess. very nice and priced at 1000 euro they told me

canon. nothing new

PENTAX- i spent a lot of time clearly at pentax booth. Im interested in the 645d for which im collecting lenses. and i tried it. Lovely camera. i have some shots in my cards. super results. love the handling and fast af compared to othere mf camera. the shutter sound is also very nice for such a big mirror.

Kr- very very good and fast camera.

35 ,24- it will surpise many people diffident. very sharp from 2,4, optically it remember a lot the 40 2,8.

18-135-seems very good lens. well built and optically good also at 135.

k5- superb high iso performance. i shoot some iso 51200 , ok plenty of light , and the images looked really usable. For me there are more than 2,5stops compared to k7

The af is clearly improved. i tried side by side with k7 and is less hesitant and most of all give a felling of precision. they had a slow card so the buffer filled very fast. I use one k5 with the 50-135 and also the sdm seems far better. more silent at least.but they told me the brochure is correct and the raw will be 14. nothing new about flash system but they guy didnt look the most informed. tomorrow i will investigate..

a guy with the d300 was trying the camera and he was impressed he told me by the af and shutter sound. Maybe the green is always greener somewhere else? And maybe we pentaxian are a bit to harsh with pentax? maybe i dont know

Last a praise to the SDM focus. I tried the sigma tele with hsm, the 50-500 and 70-200.

The two lens hunted everywhere, difficult to lock, faster but definitely inaccurate. i come back usind the sdm and was night and day. Considering that the biggest bulk of failure were at the beginning, i think sdm is not bad as many people here depicted. clearly if you need the fastest af u must go d3 and some lenses. I tried also the d700 and some lenses and i have to say that i expected a lot more fastness. the d3 and canon 1 series are far more faster.


Last a Praise of sdm

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