A 'DSLR' with EVF, will it ever happen?

Started Jun 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
JJOMD Regular Member • Posts: 148
So funny...

...how you guys decided to stop posting...then continued after more than 2 years later.

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

bongo wrote:

That is quite a lens collection for a 10 year old!

I meant that I have to wear glasses since I have been 10 years old - I'm not a native englisch speaker so give me some leeway if I get my grammar wrong once...
Karl Günter Wünsch

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If life was fair it would be too boring because...

  • Everybody would have the same gender

  • Everybody would look the same

  • There would be no plants and animals (it would be unfair to them having lower life forms).

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