How many 40D people are getting a D7000 ? Just curious...

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Re: 50D to possibly D7000

Sorry, I respectfully disagree with these arguments and analogies and those of Photog23.

As both a Canon and Nikon dSLR owner myself, I know for a fact that at this level of equipment, the gap in capabilities between the two are virtually non-existent from the perspective of image acquisition. Certainly not enough to make any difference if the photographer has talent and understands his craft. To say otherwise is simply being like the carpenter blaming his tools.

It is really quite meaningless to reference images/videos of a pro using both brands without any sort of linkage or context. For all we know Leibovitz abandoned one brand for another.

CarlosNunezUSA wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:

CarlosNunezUSA wrote:

Rakumi wrote:

That is tough having 2 systems. Nothing is compatible.

Darkness is the monster and your shutter is your sword, aperture your shield and iso your armor. Strike fast with your sword and defend well with your shield and hope your armor holds up.

I don't see a big problem with that. Many photographers have both. If anything it could be good because you expand your horizons, and learn new things. Plus you have more versatility.

Here, on this video A. Leibovitz is using a Nikon:

And on this one she is using a Canon:

Being a professional is a little different - you get to write off your equipment as business expenses so you can afford to buy one of each brand.

I would disagree about having both will expand your horizons. Photography is far more about the competence of the user than the equipment. Too many fool themselves into thinking they are improving their images by constantly upgrading year after year. The sad truth is that when it comes to certain artistic aspects of photography, either you have it or you don't. You can't learn talent.

I was about to reply to your post but Photog23 put out a very good response. I only have to add that being pro is not about the brand, it's about KNOWING what to use and when - and having a lot of talent. They use different brands because they recognize the strong and weak point of each brand and model.

You will never learn that if you don't use different brands, thus expand your horizons. Experimenting is good.

I'ts like in the computer world, I use both Macs and Windows to work. I know what is good for what. I am a professional programmer. I think that the same philosophy can be applied to photography.

Obviously, if you don't have the money that is another problem. In my case I have a budget that is very good for what I need and I can increase it without breaking the bank, if I have a good reason for it. You cannot do that? Sorry... that's life.

Btw, i'm not saying that if you only use one brand you are a bad photographer. A good photographer can shoot with his iPhone and make it look good.

I'm only saying that knowing how different systems work and what you can get out of them is a very good advantage.


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