Re: Pentax announces price and availibilty for 645D camera

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I'd say the 999999 thing is "annoying" but...

Laurentiu Todie wrote:

9999.99 is insulting
and not only of Pentax which I otherwise respect
but all manufacturers who establish such (…9.99) prices

I'd say the $9999.99 thing is "annoying", at worst. A market convention that's been in place all my life. And gas prices that are in 1/10 cent increments, 2.69 and 9/10?

I reserve "insulting" for a $26,700 Volkswagen styled, titanium bodied Leica M9 or a Ferrari red Hasselblad H4D body.

Especially Hasselblad. What have they done in the last 12 months? They announced H4D-50 and H4D-60 in September of 2009. They announced a multi-shot version of H4D-50, like Imacon (the digital back part of Blad) hadn't been making multi-shot backs for over a decade. I don't think any other company that is still considered to be "in business" has done less than Hasselblad.

Leaf was liquidated, their assets sold, and they still did something at Kina that was more interesting than the sum total of everything that Blad has done this year. When an honest-to-God zombie is showing more energy that you are, it's time to worry.

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