Thinking to sell my D700 for a D7000, am I nuts ?

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Re: Thinking to sell my D700 for a D7000, am I nuts ?

If the weight is killing you, you got bigger problems that won't be sovled by replacing it with a D7000 and a light lense. Might I be so bold and suggest you just get an iphone and be good!

To think that the D7000 sensor at 16M is going to be as good as the 12Meg D3/D700 which is only one generation behind is a bit much.

We aren't talking about comparing a d2x to D7000 or something. The pictures I've seen are very nice, but damm the 7D is similar. Wait until the serious reviews come out and they are tested side by side can you judge.

Nikon isn't stupid nor is phyiscs going to be cheated here. Next year a 18 meg D4 that has to be beter then D7000 is in the cards. How does this work again that the 1K body is going to beat the 5K body?

J195 wrote:

Mainly because D7000 picture quality at high ISO is as good as D700 (though D700 is still better) => looking at the samples

Secondly the weight of D700 is killing me. I am taking pictures mainly during travel and a lot of outdoor scenary and building shots.

What you guys suggest ?

D7000+20mm f2.8 lens for travel light.

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