Thinking to sell my D700 for a D7000, am I nuts ?

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Maybe D3100?

J195 wrote:

Mainly because D7000 picture quality at high ISO is as good as D700 (though D700 is still better) => looking at the samples

Secondly the weight of D700 is killing me. I am taking pictures mainly during travel and a lot of outdoor scenary and building shots.

What you guys suggest ?

D7000+20mm f2.8 lens for travel light.

If weight and high IQ is your thing, the D3100 is worth a look too. From what I've seen, high ISO is about as good as the D7000. You lose a few pixels and some features, but the result is genuinely light (half the weight of the D700). The D7000 is more of a 'tweener.

The lenses are probably a bigger issue. If you stick with zooms, the D3100 or D7000 will be comparable. If you move to primes, you're probably better of with a Pentax K-R or something, since they have a much more extensive lineup of primes, and most of them are newer designs (e.g. the 20/2.8 is an old design, and on higher MP sensors, a rather middling performer).

I'd love a smaller body, but there's no way I'm going back to crop-format. The high ISO abilities alone mean I can get away with smaller, lighter lenses than on smaller formats, and the greater flexibility w.r.t DoF and legacy lenses (which have the correct AoV on FF sensors) is really handy.

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