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Not at all

Chunsum J Choi wrote:

wow conspiracy theorist.

Its exactly how things work at trade shows, I know because I worked at far too many of them. There is nothing underhand going on so there is no conspiracy. Canon/Nikon/Epson/Insertbrandhere have all done similar things at one time or another, I used to order in a ton of Canon gear for retail resale and so was pre-briefed under NDA about upcoming gear before public release. As for trade shows... I never ever want to go to another one, even as a member of the public.... burn out.

In fact the new Fuji camera, with a time frame for release around the same as the SD1, is pretty much same deal, over in the Fuiji forum its a mix of happy happy people and others wondering how they can be so happy about somthing they still percieve as needing more 'flesh on its bones' so to speak.

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