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Re: Where P6000?

It's in the Comparometer pull-down listing:

You have to click on " All " of the "Display Current | All Cameras" to see older models.

I don't use ViewNX for the P6000 raw files, as I have not found on option to not apply the heavy handed NR. Other converters are fine.

rhlpetrus wrote:
I don't get link for P6000 on IR. Where do you see it?

I downloaded the studio RAWs and opened them with ViewNX2 (my CNX2 can't open them).

It's clear there's NR even at base ISO compared to the IR jpegs. W/O NR, detail is much better, for all ISOs. I'd say up to ISO 400 I would get good A3 images. 800 good enough for A4, 1600 for smaller prints.

For the Internet (1200x800 pixels), 800 still pretty good, 1600 usable.

The lens seems to be nice once you remove NR effect, very nice detail, contrast etc.

Patco wrote:
Just curious - Did you check the P7000 & P6000 at base ISO side by side?

rhlpetrus wrote:
I'm checking these again.

The LX5 images look horrible, pixeled and lots of chroma noise, even at base ISO. Likely a jpeg issue. There's also some sort of purple fringing goin on on transitions.

The G11 x P7000: at base ISO (100), P7000 look better, very slightly. At 400, it seems P7000's image is suffering for NR and show less detail. If you check G11's image, darker areas (cup, for example), you see more noise but overall better detail

I think these results have to do with in-camera jpeg NR being stronger on P7000. I think a careful RAW analysis may show different results. Lens seems pretty good, since at base ISO results are very decent.

I think people are being a bit too hard on the camera, likely all of them will show very close results using RAW. P7000 is the best featured IMO.

Patco wrote:

It's also interesting to compare to the base ISO of the much-maligned P6000.
You might be surprised

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A photograph is more than a bunch of pixels

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