Thinking to sell my D700 for a D7000, am I nuts ?

Started Sep 24, 2010 | Discussions thread
cgates1 Junior Member • Posts: 31
Bad idea

D700 is easy on the hands, has great controls, uses CF which is much faster than SD and still has slightly better IQ. The resolution benefits from 12 -> 16 will not be noticeable except in very unusual circumstances. The D3x only resolves 25% more linear resolution than the D700 (57 lp/mm vs. 45 lp/mm), which is noticeable - but it's 24MP not 16.

The weight difference will be small, wide will no longer be really wide etc. etc.

D7000 is a much better camera than the D90 based on what I've seen of its design (particularly the release mode dial and some other ergo. features), but it's not up to the D700 standard.

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