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Re: Sigma is unique so all analogies are flawed

Erik Magnuson wrote:

carlos roncatti wrote:

Actually is simple...(and the SD1 will be their 5th digital camera not to count the film cameras)

The issue is how is this strategy actually working for them? 5 DLSRs (and ~5 SA-mount SLRs) and what is their market share?

Good question that i think only they can answer.... the beggining any manufacter produce their cameras to other mounts? Canon, Nikon

Actually, at the beginning when Canon made LTM rangefinder lenses, Canon made LTM rangefinder bodies. Same with Nikon & Contax mount. The reason your analogy breaks down is that these companies stopped making lenses that could fit other bodies when starting their proprietary mount designs. Now there is also Pentax who used someone else's mount (Pracktica) for a long time. When they introduced a new mount, they opened it up to other vensors. Currently we also have Cosina. They make M and LTM lenses and they make M and LTM bodies. They also make SLR lenses but they do not make any SLR bodies.

Didnt know that...but as you say Cosina is mainly a lens manufacter...

So why Sigma should?

Sigma is unique - they are the only company who both makes lenses for other companies mounts and makes camera bodies with their own name. Because of this unique position, all analogies are flawed.

Now I believe that Sigma has thought about it and decided the business of making compatible bodies is not one they are interested in. They don't feel it's the best use of their resources -- for whatever reason.

I agree...

To the original question....obviously if you own a number of lenses for your Canon (or whatever) camera and you buy the SD1 available for your mount, tell me, why would you buy all the Sigma eq FL all over again?

The answer is probably no. But then again, because the answer is no he will also probably not buy an SD1. And Sigma is fine with this decision.

Once again i agree and probably we go back to the first question made by you (market share and etc) their heads the startegy is working....

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