X100 - Gullible people putting cart before horse?...

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X100 - Gullible people putting cart before horse?...

I am extremely surprised at how some people are over the moon about the announcement of a new Fuji model (emphasis on 'Fuji'..). X100 sounds good on paper but it wont get any flesh for another 6 months. Bearing in mind the usual 'hot air' announcements by Fuji, what is it that generates all this excitement in this case?

Is it probably a natural reaction to the expectation of (at last) a new Fuji model geared towards IQ, or is it that people are so desperate for such a compact? Would the excitement be the same, less or more, if the X100 had, for example, a (reasonable) zoom lens or if it had more conventional modern digital cam looks?

I suspect it is the promised IQ. Since the time of F31, Fuji has been going backward, disappointing their 'fans' time after time as the hype proved to be hot air or just marketing tricks to deceive, albeit in a camouflaged 'legal' way (remember the 'Image Stabilization' that proved to be the use of higher iso?)

I cannot remember when was the last time that Fuji hype proved to be 100% true, so I find it very unlikely that it will be this time.

It's so amazing how gullible people can be, especially when the 'stake' is $500, $1000, or $1700... A few months ago, people were hell-bent on spending good money for mega-zoom ranges (720mm), claiming 'versatility' and 'all-in-one' facility for all likely photo shoot settings. Now, they are getting excited about having just one fixed focal length at 35mm... And I suspect they will queue up to pre-order (at any price) when the time comes. Just as they were a few months ago...

Is it just too short a memory, brand dedication or pure gullibility?...
I wonder...
Best Regards

ps If you see someone without a smile on, give him one of yours...

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