Sony A55 or Panasonic GH2?

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Re: Sony A55 or Panasonic GH2?

I don't think that GH2 should be that easily dismissed. Usability and functionality must be put into the equation. The advantage/disadvantege lever goes both ways.

  1. GH2 has not one but two top dials on top.

  2. Direct access to drive, focus and metering modes.

  3. Wheel at the back, not on the front.

  4. Tilt and swivel screen hinged at the left, not at the bottom.

  5. Much longer battery life.

  6. Slightly less "tunnel"-effect when looking into EVF.

  7. EVF not 1,1M, but 1.5Mpixels.

  8. Direct output of live image through HDMI.

  9. Focus mode that locks on a subject and tracks it.

  10. Multi aspect ratio sensor.

  11. Digital Tele zoom, further extending the zoom capabilities i in Movie Mode (there are lots of pixels to zoom into!).

  12. Touch display makes it easy to changes focus.

  13. Images taken with Panasonic lenses are automatically corrected for lens aberrations.

  14. 1 stop improvement regarding noise levels

  15. The fast AF speed made even faster, down to 0.1s.

Of course, these list does not mean a thing compared to handling the cameras in real life. But I enjoy a G1 very much and the Panasonic system has its merits.

I do also own an A33 and it is equally enjoyable. Best of both worlds in my camera bag, I say.

zepzr wrote:

mugupo wrote:

Which is better hybrid camera?

GH2 is definitely a better video camera, but that's where GH2 advantage ends.

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