Is there sufficient demand for both 5D3 and 3D?

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Great Bustard wrote:

If we are not using the same AOV and perspective, then, of course, the figure will be different. But isn't the natural defaul assumption that we'd use the same AOV and perspective, and that if we weren't, we'd need to specifically specify how and why we were comparing differently?

Steen Bay wrote:

No, we can't really know, the framing/composition will depend on both the scene/subject and the photographer, and since we don't know, then I think it's most natural/logical to compare 'total light', meaning the area.

I maintain that the "natural" noise comparison to compare the corresponding portions of the scene, whereas you prefer to compare the whole of the scene, even if the scenes have a different framing.

Our views on this matter are as different as those who say it is only "natural" to compare sharpness at the same DOF as opposed to those that insist on comparing at the same f-ratio instead.

Of course, just as "same DOF" is synonomous with "same f-ratio" for the same format, "same corresponding portions" is synonomous with "the whole of the scene" for the same aspect ratio.

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