Imposible product shot?

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Re: Imposible product shot?

All I can say is that I could make something like this with my eyes closed. It's a very simple 3D modeling / uv mapping / texturing job. Very easy to do compared to some other CG stuff I've done.

rafafafa wrote:

I know comercial product photography is a lot about special effects, sometimes you can use the most simple stuff to achieve your goal and sometimes it gets harder and you have to really use your brain to make that incredible shoot posible, and this time i just cant imagine what the photographer did to make his shoot.

It is about Nike and Adidas clothes in the woman secction of their website, i just can not imagine how they can form the t shirts or pants with the human body without a body!!!

If you look carefully you will realize that you can see the inner part of the clothes while still having the human form.
Photoshop?? come on, i do not think so!

I am into a t shirts photography proyect and i would love to impress my client with someting like this, so i would REALLY apreciate any ideas about it.
Thanks a lot!
(I hope this is the right forum to post this, please excuse me if i am wrong)
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