Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

anotherMike wrote:

teodorian2 wrote:

Then you might be disappointed. I don´t expect the main improvement in the D7000 to be at the base ISO but at the high ISO speeds. And I actually think you will be hard pressed to distinguish ISO 6400 files from the D700 and D7000 in print.

Guess we'll find out some day. Although frankly I think I'll easily be able to see the differences in print

If Nikon truly had made this kind of revolutionary advancement in noise handling, thehy'd be shouting it from the rooftops. But instead, so far we basically got a couple of samples for us to chew on. So I don't think we're going to see full-frame low-noise from this body.

Thom Hogan just updated his site and suggests that the functional differences -- better sealing, better AF, more robust shutter, dual SD slots, etc -- are more important differentiators right now. He doesn't have any firm info on the image quality either, but we'll find out eventually. Just don't break out the party hats yet.

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