Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

teodorian2 wrote:

Then you might be disappointed. I don´t expect the main improvement in the D7000 to be at the base ISO but at the high ISO speeds. And I actually think you will be hard pressed to distinguish ISO 6400 files from the D700 and D7000 in print.

Guess we'll find out some day. Although frankly I think I'll easily be able to see the differences in print - been doing this a long time, and have used the final print as the judgement in image quality for a while too. I'd be highly shocked if the D7000 was anywhere close to the D700 at ISO 6400 - sensor development simply hasn't come along that far just yet. I've heard too many Canon folks dislike the 7D files - at any ISO - to think that we're at the point where a cropped sensor can match a full frame sensor at higher ISO just yet. We'll see soon enough, but I wouldn't count on it. If the D7000 is slightly better than the D90 with increased resolution, I'd still consider it a win.

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