No more Four-Thirds lenses?

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Re: No more Four-Thirds lenses?

SirSeth wrote:

Olympus published a clarification. See the rumors site. Production will continue for the current lens catalog. There are currently no new 4/3rds lenses in the development pipeline. As I understand it, this is not a statement about the indefinite future, but about the near future while Olympus builds a range of Micro lenses. In my opinion they left it open for development of 4/3rds lenses in the future.

Which leaves a lot open for many to create their own interpretation of what it all means, right or wrong.

Out of everything I have seen, nowhere did I ever think it was even hinted all 4/3rd lenses were going away, yet these type posts still happen, even after a perfectly clear post where Raist3d spelled it out for everyone that Olympus' plan was to make the micro line of lenses "as good as the four-thirds line"...

How in the world would anyone read that and interpret it to mean 4/3rd's lenses are all going away?

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