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Stefaan De Rore Regular Member • Posts: 132
handled D700 & D7000 yesterday at Photokina

Presently I own a D200 which I mostly use with my 18-200 VR.
My favorite topic is landscape in mountainous areas, like the Swiss alps.
Therefore I do a lot of mountain hiking, so I am very sensitive to weight.
The 18-200 suits my style of hand-held photography.

When I saw the specs of the D7000 I liked a lot of things I missed on my D200:

  • 100% viewfinder

  • virtual horizon

  • better ISO sensitivity, with D200 I almost never go beyond ISO100

  • 140 gram less weight than D200

  • 16 MP

So I was very keen to see how it handled at Photokina. Despite my initial enthusiasm, I found the feel of the D7000 disappointing. (Tried out the D7000 18-200 VR combo) It just does not have the same ergonomic feel the D200 has. It feels less stable and to small. Maybe its a question of getting used to it, but my first impression was not good.

On the other hand when I picked up the D700 with the new 28-300 VR lens, if felt OK right away. Heavy yes (1800grams) but balanced and stable. No problem doing hand hold shooting at 3oomm, stable as a rock.

My other creeping doubt with the D7000 is the 16MP. My 18-200 VR performs well on my 10MP D200 although not stellar. I wonder if the 18-200 will also be able to out-resolve the extra 6MP.

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