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Re: In praise of CDAF

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No, it has nothing to do with slandering or being against CDAF per see. I was merely pointing out your impolite fanboy arrogance and skewing of the truth.

Olympus m4/3 AF sucked badly when they made the EP1, it still sucked as badly when they came out with EP2 despite this being the biggest complaint of everyone. And it sucked somewhat less with EPL1 with the new lenses. But their CAF still is unusable. And AF seems to be quite bad with 4/3 lenses also. Panasonic on the other hand got it right the first time. Even their CAF in CDAF is eminently usable.

I quote facts and first hand experience. For instance the 0.3 sec for the 17mm was measured by Imaging Resource.

With a 17mm lens you basically don't even need to focus. At f/2.8 everything between 3.5 meter and infinity is in focus. Try the same exercise with a quality lens, like the 50/2 or the 50-200 and see what the focus time will be.

LOL. It's not that the 17mm lives in hyperfocal as you seem to imply. It does the focus dance, albeit very quickly.

Yeah, but what I meant was that focusing a wide angle fast is no big deal. Not much movement is needed. It's when you start using macro or longer lenses that the problem of focus speed pops up.

The only way to know would be to ask what is the AF speed of the new 14-150 or 70-300. Unfortunately DPR doesn't measure it.

Keep in mind that those are slow lenses. If Oly starts producing µ HG lenses, with ligther inner groups and faster apertures, the main limit to fast CDAF will be lifted


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