m4/3 with 4/3 glass... other issues

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m4/3 with 4/3 glass... other issues

It seems as though the ultimate plan that Oly has for the high-end customers would be to strap on that expensive glass to a m4/3 body, and the fanboys we have here seem so easy to accept this. There are a lot of topics about the performance, or lack thereof, of 4/3 lenses on m4/3 bodies. I would like to refrain from that in this topic. Let's talk more about the look, feel, and structure.

The thought of strapping my beautifully refined SGH or GH glass to a m4/3 camera just seems like a ridiculous image to me.

Even the reasonably-sized 12-60 on the PEN seems preposterous, and well to be honest, probably would look silly.

Aside from aesthetics, we have to think about durability. I have a feeling a EPL1 with a 12-60 on a tripod is not a stable setup. I'm afraid the body will snap.

The GH2 is perhaps more SLR like, the the good 4/3 lenses double the size seem to destroy the balance. Also, with an all-plastic body, I'm very concerned about durability holding these lenses.

I just do not see using the better 4/3 lenses on micro bodies and a reasonable path. Not only are the cameras consumer-grade, but the size, look, and durability is a huge concern.

Does anyone have pics of micro bodies with 4/3 glass?

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