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You're leaving something on the table

harold1968 wrote:

the thing is, aps-c compacts are now appearing

I don't want to upset anyone but I bought a sony nex-3 and the sensor is, well, awesome.

For me now its FF or NEX (which my wife uses for the children and I use for walk-about)

I think if I only wanted to have one camera, the D7000 would be a great choice

I actually like the NEX system, but it's not good for everything. Go shoot a kid's soccer game where you need 200mm minimum, and let's see how well it does with AF in tracking action. Let's not forget that the reason many of us FX shooters also pack a DX is reach, and the NEX system is a tad awkward (small body, huge lens) and under-powered (less than Nikon AF) to completely fit that bill. For portability when using a smaller lens it's hard to beat, though, but not every DX shooter will be satisfied. To me the most exciting thing about NEX is that Sony managed to build a real video system around it as well. We can only hope that the silliness over DSLR video will eventually turn into something like what Sony has put forth: a larger (APS-C) sensor, with interchangeable lenses, in a body actually designed for video capture (aka, a camcorder).


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