Bad news, for many, that Alpha 700 replacement will ......

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Re: Bad news, for many, that Alpha 700 replacement will ......

Steve West wrote:

I will not be replacing my A700 with an SLT period. The thought of replacing the OVF with a cartoon with a lens like the 70-400 is laughable. If the ghosting issue is real (a tilted piece of glass with finite thickness has to produce it) , then I simply will NOT buy one.

Hopefully, Sony will produce a new FF camera that is actually dedicated to still photography first (gee what a novel idea) and video second (or not at all). That sounds like the only saving grace here. In my view Sony has their head up their ...

I've got another year to keep using my A700, and either their will be a non-SLT replacement (either APS or FF), or it's bye-bye Sony.
Steve W
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Remind me of the statement that a lot of photographers made when the Digital era was just starting. Traditionalism and purism.
Remind me

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