Hands On With The 60D - Very Positive

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Hands On With The 60D - Very Positive

Today I went and played with a 60D for about 45 minutes.


Build Quality is solid. The body has a rubberized texture to it so all the talk about plastic bring somehow inferior is just idiot talk. The body feels very solid, at least the same as a 7D and if you didn't know, then there would be no way to tell what material it is made from.

Articulating Screen is very well built. You would have to be a ham fisted dork to damage it. Canon have plenty of experience from the Powershot range so I see no problems there.

Feel in the Hand - For me it is a very comfortable size and weight. The Kiss X4 feels light and flimsy in comparison and the 7D is just too heavy and bulky. I like the slimmer lines of the 60D.

Controls - I like the way that everything can be done from the right hand so the left hand can support the weight. The all in one controller is so much easier than moving the thumb backwards and forwards to the joystick of the 50D, 7D etc.

Speed - 5.3fps feels plenty fast enough for me.

Image Quality - Took a variety of shots at all ISO levels. Even with the camera on totally standard settings, for me the noise is very well controlled. I can only view the jpegs I shot at the moment because my version of DPP couldn't open the raw files.


The only thing that puts a damper on this for me is the lack of auto focus in video. I guess that a new lens model would anyway be necessary in addition to faster live view focusing.

Overall, I give this a definite thumbs up - I don't care what all the "specboys" are saying. Once you get this camera in your hand, any realistic person will not fail to be impressed.

I am just waiting for the price to drop a little from the launch levels, then I will be having one on my Christmas list!!

I also picked up one of the new Sony SLT 55's. Now THAT is a horrible little plasticky toy.

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