GH2 - micro four thirds DSLR high end AF speeds is now...

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GH2 - micro four thirds DSLR high end AF speeds is now...

So Panasonic apparently with the GH2 has a camera that can auto focus faster than the Canon Eos 5D Mark II (and they claim I think over anything else). The german preview/review confirmed this.

I look at the E-5 $1,700 USD proposition, with a sensor that is 2+ years old from Panasonic, weaker AA filter, 12 MP vs the GH2 which is a 16 MP effective sensor, 2 generations after the E-5's sensor, more than 1 full stop DR (the GH1 already had 1 full stop DR advantage and this one is even better), better ISO, no risk of a back focus with the contrast AF I would imagine, small & light from pretty much almost half the price ($899 USD).

Anybody else thinking GH2?

PS: Anyone here realizing that Sigma announced a 15 MP Foveon sensor? That's equivalent to a 30-37 MP Bayer (ballpark). Canon 7D prices is the word. I hope they deliver.

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