Some(very-) high iso samples taken with D7000 at PhotoKina...

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Re: Some(very-) high iso samples taken with D7000 at PhotoKina...

stuntmonkey wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

IMHO 1/250sec @ 2.8 is tons of light.


Did the math, 1/250sec @ 2.8 @ 1600 is EV 7. Stage lighting is around EV 8-9. Average interior lighting is worse than EV 7.

But the EV value is not that important, although people seem to focus on it. For the mid-tones, the camera will adjust exposure so the same amount of photon hits the sensor so the amount of light doesn't make a difference there.

"Bad" lighting is better characterised by:

  • light spectrum

  • contrast

Stage lighting tends to to have a relatively good spectrum (OK not much blue, but it doesn't have huge gaps). But stages have a lot of contrast. So we see shots being exposed for the person in the spotlight, and then people look at the roadie in black cloting that is standing in the deep shadows to judge noise...

The kina booth had (as I indicated) a mixture of fluorescent and tungsten. Fluorescent can be a dog as it can have holes in the spectrum. Lots of green, not much else. Can really ruin your skin tones. So in that aspect the kina booth was relatively bad. In terms of contrast it was however very good, as the illumination was almost comparable to a big softbox.

The Chase Jarvis ISO3200 sample looks like it has sodium lighting. Now that is the worst of the worst as it has almost no color in it. It really peaks at a few spectral values (people that used to have a color darkroom like me know this VERY well). So in that "light" I feel the Jarvis shot looks surprisingly good.

I have made shots with my own D700 at the kina booth. The color balance is significantly different than the one on the D7000, and we would have people commenting on these differences, so I'm not uploading for the moment. (The D7000 has better color out of camera). If I get time to post-process to make them look like the D7000, I might post them. I looked at them for a few seconds last evening, and I don't see a huge difference. Very comparable would be my first assessment.

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