45 minutes with the 60D AND the canon rep!

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45 minutes with the 60D AND the canon rep!

I am a camera enthusiast that lives in a small town and only gets to the big city from time to time. Today I got to make my once a quarter trip to metropolis and had determined to see if Best Buy had the 60D out for display. I also needed to buy a new radio for my car. After picking the radio the sales clerk kindly allowed me to see a 60D right out of the box from the cabinet under the displays, as they were not out for display or sale yet in that store. It felt great! I would never know if it did or did not have a magnesium chassis, but the weight and balance were very good. The main reason I have a 20 and 50D is not for the features but because I have big hands and the rebels feel like toys to me....the 60D is no toy!

Alas my car radio could not be installed for 4 hours so I went to eat, and then went to a camera store where I purchased an 85mm last year. I walked in and asked if there were any chance of seeing a 60D. All 4 sales clerks laughed and said they did not have one for sale or display, but they pointed to a man standing on my side of the counter holding a canon and said maybe he could help. He said hi and handed me the 60D that he was demonstrating to the clerks.

I got to hear the sales pitch, and how much is hype and how much is fact remains to be seen, but he was a nice guy and I tend to believe what he said.

Speed: not as fast as the 50D burst, but AF is faster.

Focusing: the center spot is not only cross type, but a double cross with one turned at a diagonal, at least that is what I understood.

Focus speed: every one of the clerks commented on how fast the AF worked.

Remember they were not pitching to me, they were being pitched to, and I told them from the first that I was only a gawker...not buying today, so I took this as an honest first impression for guys with a store full of cameras from which to compare.

Body: He said the sealing was really better than the 50D.

Control knob lock: he saw this as an upgrade....no more finding that you were on manual when you thought you were on aperture priority. The button is no big deal to push in.

No WB button: people can get to it fast through the quick menu. And the quick menu button is just as good as pushing the joy stick.

No joy stick: toggling the command dial will work better, and I think he said the command dial was in a better position for vertical shots.

No AF-MA. "That was a feature really intended for pros and many people are having trouble using it properly.....more trouble over all than benefit" ( I confess that when I started to use it on my 50D I found it a little daunting and gave up. The canon manual is really no help and every web page says to do it a different way)

Price: less than the 50D when it came out.

Articulating screen: try it and you will love it. The clerks commented that it did not get in the way of your nose, like some other brands when using the viewfinder.

video: Canon thinks this is the coming thing, and will be pushing it.

SD card: More room in design, and all the laptops take SD, not CF. He could not argue that they get lost easier.

Overall: I bought my 50D on the loyalty program in March having given up on the 60D, and I feel I got more than my money's worth. If I were buying today I would pay the extra and get the 60D for the articulating screen and video, even though I doubt I would use the video a lot, it is nice to have when you need it. The articulating screen is really stout and would be a god-sent for an old man like me with bad knees and trouble getting down low for pictures of toddlers and flowers and such.

We should all feel foolish for all the carrying on that has been done over the last few weeks. This is a really good camera for the enthusiast who needs and wants more than a rebel but does not need a pro camera. The balance and feel are great. You will not be disappointed.

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