I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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Re: boo hooo....

Jim Shamray wrote:

I agree with you, I do not understand the hate for this ad. The same stuff happened for the Nikon ad. Advertising has been going on for a long time in newspapers and magazines, so of course it is going to be on the internet too. It just seems like people like to complain and through little temper tantrums a lot more, especially on the internet.

Yes, because people seem "in control" of where they browse, etc. they feel the right to whine and complain about websites that offer a bunch of free content and ways to interact. Just like people that say they immediately leave a photography porfolio/company website immediately when there is music playing! Wow. Do you think they turn around and leave a store when they hear music playing? No, and they cannot turn the store's music off yet they can either turn off their speakers or mute the site's music.

People are so damn impatient these days. We're in the instant gratification era. TV shows and movies have helped program our short attention span by having "cuts" every few seconds compared to longer cuts (or takes) shown. Trust me that has played a big part.

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