Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

oldhouse wrote:

Love my D700. I also have a D80. Took both to the beach on vacation. Even though We had bright sunlight (not requiring the D700 low ISO), I didn't find the smaller body any 'easier' to manage. In fact, I only used it one day.

For me, its either bring a DSLR or bring a pocket camera. (which is why I'm looking at the new crop of P&S cams).

The subtle difference in size and weight between the D80/90 bodies and the D300/700 bodies isn't a big enough difference for me.
But, as with all things, you may be completely different than me!
Good luck with your decision.

I'm partially at your situation. I also have D700 and D80. I usually take D700 and stuff when I know I need camera, but usually I just crap my D80+50mm f/1.8, which is usually enough, but it's a little bit too big. My Panasonic FX-10 P&S would be great, if it would manual mode.

So, also I'm looking current wave of P&S's with curiosity.

Hmm... in theory, my old Canon G5 would give me everything I need. Have to think Why have i stopped using it.

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