More E-5 samples - full resolution, all ISOs, some splashing :)

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Re: Mixed opinion so far....

I don't think the d7000 and 60d are benchmarks for this camera at all.

What in your opinion is the correct benchmark in that case I think the K-5 has image stab and is a good enough opponent.


This is not to say E-5 is priced correctly, but compared to your benchmakrs you must add that the E-5 has a huge advantage with In-Body Image Stabilization. THis saves money on buying one-off IS lenses. The fully articulating LCD screen is also a huge factor. Nikon lacks it though I think the 60D has it. There may be more, but point is E-5 is a different beast than the others. Price is reasonable though of course I would prefer to spend less. But I'll sell one of my other cameras and move to the E-5 as soon as prudent. compared to the K-5 ) ...

Agree on image stabilisation - that was the last straw that made me give up my canon film slr and buy an olympus dslr as my first dslr- the other factors being size, dust proofing.

I have a PEN AND LOVE IT but haven't taken to using it with even the SG 4/3 lenses so far, leave alone HG lenses. Olympus please keep the EXXX alive with OVF or EVF but with a straight 4/3 mount and same performance ( better AF though ) as the 620.... and this is another reason ( IMHO ) that oly is getting -ve press say when compared to Panasonic ( who have a clearer vision )

Begging will get you nowhere. How do you know what Panasonic's vision is vs Olympus?

It is super clear that panasonic clearly said no more dslrs and moved to m43 as their only line. I obviously work for neither but from a layman point of view i know what their business is. Olympus has been giving mixed statements ( confusing ones ) over the last one year .. their latest being PENs replace the EXXX line - I wonder why they think a 12-60 user would mount the lens on a pen - makes no sense (until now) weight wise or AF wise. IQ wise I agree the pens are quite capable - usability & overall performance wise - probably not there even close

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