I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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Re: I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

Yeah, sorry. I meant to include Nikon in my mini-rant.

Dpreview's reviews are marginally better than the ones PopPhoto churns out. That rag can't seem to find anything bad to say about any camera..it's all varying degrees of excellent. While true, cameras these days are remarkable..and mostly it's the glass that really makes the difference..it's been my experience that most people want to know what sets cameras apart.

Embedding your site content in a giant ad about a product that is featured on your site is just a reaffirmation that 1) nothing is free (except the advice users give each other and companies on dpreview's forums) and 2) you made a bad decision about what sort of advertising to allow if you want any semblance of appearing objective.


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