Could D7000 mean no more D400?

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Re: The D7000 is my last DX SLR body.

IeraseU wrote:

To my mind the D7000 has everything that a person could possible want in a DX camera. Good enough FPS, ISO performance, autofocus, lens compatibility, dual card slots, 1080p video, weather sealing, and even a battery rated to over 1000 shots per charge.

I don't care what they put in the D400 because I can't imagine needing more then what the D7000 already offers. It's fast enough for sports, has enough resolution for studio work (fashion/commercial), and tough enough for photojournalism. Heck, it even has a decent video mode for people that want to dabble in film making. There is nothing Nikon can put in a D400 to make me want to upgrade, short of an FX sensor.

This will be my last DX SLR body. The next body I purchase will certainly have an FX sensor or it's just not worth the upgrade dollars to my mind.

The important part of your post is that the D7000 has everything that you want in a DX camera. That's all fine, but that is not the opinion of all and this thread is discussing what the D7000 is missing. For me (a d300 owner who shoots a lot of sports), I will not be buying a D7000 and will probably be buying a D400/D9000. I'm interested in the following:

  • At least as many fps as my D300+grip has now (more would be even better)

  • Fully dedicated AF-ON button

  • Focus area mode button

  • At least as many shooting and custom banks as the D300 has

  • At least as many cross hatch focus sensors as the D300 has (ideally more)

  • At least one CF card slot for card compatibility with all my other bodies

  • Grip compatibility with my D300

  • Battery and charger compatibility with my D300

  • Shorter mirror blackout time (improves AF performance at max fps)

  • Significantly faster AF performance (we don't yet know how the D7000 compares to the D300)

  • No scene modes

I mean to take nothing away from the D7000. It's a fine camera and a good value in the Nikon lineup. There are just many ways that it is not an upgrade to the D300 and I'd like a body that is more of an upgrade to the D300 (as would most other D300 owners). We all know that a D400/D9000 when Nikon chooses to make it.

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