More E-5 samples - full resolution, all ISOs, some splashing :)

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Re: Mixed opinion so far....

NewOly520User wrote:

First of all, they look good - but we have to wait until the d7000/60d results come out as those are the benchmark for the E-5.

The E-5 samples are far better than the current E-3 both in detail and noise.

I don't think the d7000 and 60d are benchmarks for this camera at all.

Offtopic comments

Olympus kind of deserve the negative press in someways for overpricing the E-5 esp compared to the D7000. yes yes I know weather sealing, dust proofing are good but those have been good since the E1 - no point resting on laurels earned 6 yrs ago.

This is not to say E-5 is priced correctly, but compared to your benchmakrs you must add that the E-5 has a huge advantage with In-Body Image Stabilization. THis saves money on buying one-off IS lenses. The fully articulating LCD screen is also a huge factor. Nikon lacks it though I think the 60D has it. There may be more, but point is E-5 is a different beast than the others. Price is reasonable though of course I would prefer to spend less. But I'll sell one of my other cameras and move to the E-5 as soon as prudent.
compared to the K-5 ) ...

I have a PEN AND LOVE IT but haven't taken to using it with even the SG 4/3 lenses so far, leave alone HG lenses. Olympus please keep the EXXX alive with OVF or EVF but with a straight 4/3 mount and same performance ( better AF though ) as the 620.... and this is another reason ( IMHO ) that oly is getting -ve press say when compared to Panasonic ( who have a clearer vision )

Begging will get you nowhere. How do you know what Panasonic's vision is vs Olympus?

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