Canon G12 first samples

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Re: Canon G12 first samples

Hélios Méroé wrote:

I agree with your observations..but personnaly, i don't see that much of a technological jump in this pictures from G11 to's not gonna make me change my G11 for this model..

I don't really understand the brand being too much conservative they will surely loose clients (me for example)..there is strong demand for a great expert compact with bigger sensor and good lense..i was very confident about Canon to be the best capable to do that..but now i'm hardly doubting about their courage to take any risks on the phtography market these days..

Yes I would not upgrade from G11 to G12. This is just a minor feature upgrade. I still hate that Canon removed superfine compression (they removed that after the G9 I believe). That's my biggest issue and using RAW to workaround is a pain.

If zoom wouldn't be important then I think E-PL1 with fast Panasonic pancake lens will be much better at this size (although more expensive).

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