I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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Of course some things are free

canonpro wrote:

Unless your willing to pay a montly fee for dpreview to help cover their costs, youll have to deal with their ads. Nothing is free!

Nothing is free?!

What about the help and advice forum participants freely share with each other, many, like me, doing so for years?!

While dpreview certainly needs ads to help cover their costs, they should not be overly annoying lest participants get turned off. Speaking of turned off, plenty of forum participants have said they find the ads so distracting they use adblock. That doesn't help dpreview at all.

Some forums offer a combination of paid and non-paid subscriptions, giving participants a choice.

IMHO, the participants are what makes this forum so great. They can easily go elsewhere. Without them, well you get the picture.
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