More E-5 samples - full resolution, all ISOs, some splashing :)

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Fair enough - no offence ....

SirSeth wrote:

I have a smoregageboard of choices that I could go for, and it is not a case of all the new cameras being better than my E-1 in every way. Anything but the E-5 is a downgrade in construction quality, sealing, and dust busting. Only the E-5 is a major upgrade for my Zuiko lenses without downgrading the things I love about my E-1 system. The comparison to the E-1 doesn't have to make sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me. All the new cameras beat the E-1 handily in high ISO shooting, but only the E-5 beats does so without loss of important features that are priorities to me, and while I'm comparing the E-5 to the E-1, I'm simultaneously comparing it to the new kids on the block.

Fair enough, we all are entitled to our opinions so i respect yours. My point in general is that the E3 was widely accepted to have similar build quality as the E1 and better IQ at high ISO ( except probably or some twisty screen issues ) .... YMMV... But the E-5 has been introduced at a time when the competitors have moved leaps and bounds and it is the only 4/3 DSLR camera ( forget the PENs for a minute ) and for the price olympus quotes it should be leaps and bounds better than the competition.Funnily enough the E5 is heaviest body and 4/3 is supposed to be all about compactness.

IF we compare it against E1s E3s and D300s etc, the price should be closer to $900 and nothing more and Olympus stating clearly ... in not more than 2 sentences what they intend to do with the 4/3 mount. Otherwise in my eyes they dont deserve any kudos for catching up with 2 yr old IQ

my 2c....

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