I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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Re: I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

Same here... it all looks too bad...

From the point of view of effectiveness, it is actually a good move from Canon, dpreview page views will go up during photokina, and canon seems now to sponsor dpreview, at least it is the only ad I see... however from dpreview point of view, or should I say from a users point ov view I am not so certain of this being positive as it seems now that dpreview is some sort of a canon branch... thus when I read a review I will have to think twice on what a result of a review really is (at least from the point of view of a new user).

Thi is not only a normal advertisment as that would be the banner on top and on the sidebar, what happens here is that there is a direct contact between dpreview webdesign and canon advertiser agency becaus also the background was changed which is not normally effected by ads... and also there is at least from where I see the site an exclusive canon pub...

In the end canon wins, dpreview wins and we users have to see this red thing during photokina I assume, we'll get usted, we might not like it but we'll live with it. The only think unknown is how it will affect dpreview perception of idoneity on their reviews and news.

Editing this just to add that I now see some discussion between don't likes due to non canon fans and likes due to canon fans... I'd love to see those reactions if within two days we have a yellow background

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