I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

Started Sep 22, 2010 | Discussions thread
schmaud Contributing Member • Posts: 775
THis is canons not dpr´s fault

dpr is free, but it will show ads. Anyone in todays society should be able to distinguish content from advertisement.

It woudl only be a problem, if DPR would not have sold the same space for the same time to nikon, apple or Mc Donald. And there is no indication in this direction.

It is however a ad:
1. it is annoying. Attention catching, surprising, funny would have been ok.

2. It addressing the wrong audience. People here DO know that the featuers, after all we are tech junkies. It actually brings a cross an embarrassing point: Canon is late to dSLR with swivel displays.

what a wast of money.



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