I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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Re: It's distasteful

You may want to send it to Dpreview, too. They make the decisions. Very bad one in this case.

Chikubi wrote:

For what it's worth, I sent this just now to Canon USA's pr department:


I am a member of a photographic forum on which your company advertises regularly, http://www.dpreview.com . Currently, this evening it seems that they've started running a Canon advertisement for the new 60D that has changed the site's background from it's usual black to Canon red, which is extremely distracting and ruins the user experience completely. Many members have already posted that they feel it's over the top, with many of those advising they will not return to the site until the ad is removed. I agree with them and I am leaving as well until it's gone. I'm writing to you because you need to know first hand that advertising like this is not in your best interest and is, in fact, generating an opposite and negative reaction towards your company and it's products, many of which I own or have owned myself.

I like Canon and have supported you with my money for many years, so I don't appreciate the disrespect returned by advertising tactics such as this. Ads are necessary I understand; it is not necessary to be belligerent and in your face with them, however. The 60D seems a fine product, so how about letting that speak for itself instead of trying to beat us into submission? Just a thought. And you may want to pull that ad soon before it causes even further animosity towards you and the site.

Best regards,

Eric "

Lotta good it'll probably, but maybe if others do the same . . . .?

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