Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

Sean, My first DSLR was the D200 which I bought over the D80 because I preferred the weight and controls. The D200 and the 17-55 was my favorite combo. I bought a D40x to use as a smaller, lighter weight combo. I just never got used to the absense of the control of the D40x and never got used to the size and weight .

Fast forward: now have two FX and two Dx (plus I can still use the D200 which I gave to my son). I use all of them extensively. The only Dx lens I have kept in my locker is the 17-55 (my wife and son have quite a collection).

I am in no hurry to buy a new body but the higher iso is of interest. If the D7000 performs up to the specs I think Nikon has hit a walk off Grand Slam for the target market. I will be watching closely but I do think there will be an even better Fx next year along the lines of a D400 Fx (name ?) but bigger/heavier. I am really waiting to see user shots at the higher ISOs and want to see how the multi-cam 4800 performs vis a vis sports/birds and still worried about the contol (I do not use my wife's D90).

I have looked at the micro 43 but , for me, no point at this time . Maybe in a couple of years when they improve and I am getting really old (but I did catch Mr. Bigham's comment above and he has me by a few years .

I think your idea makes sense if you do not have a Dx but I would want to find a 105 f2 to go with my 180 2.8D, 35 f2, 50 1.8D and 17-55.

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