I had to put on sunglasses with the new Canon ad.

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It's distasteful

This moment I've reloaded DPR page and I was splashed by a red background promoting a Canon 60D.

From top to bottom, wherever I look I see "EOS 60D" "What's Your Angle?" in bright red colour. I know advertising pays off, but this is sick, especially on a website that promotes reviews and advice on multitude of cameras and manufacturers.

"My angle" is that I'm sick of this, instantaneously. Mind you, I'd be equally sick if some other brand did the same and paid DPR to promote their camera or whatever else and in that way also ruined user's browsing experience.

Is it really necessary DPR must denigrate themselves like this and abruptly splash us with a distasteful approach to advertising that kills user's experience? Or is Canon really that desperate they must turn people's attention by moving into the red lights district?

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