Anyone with D2x in the Portland Oregon area?

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Tom Marshall Senior Member • Posts: 1,694
Re: Actually...

RomanJohnston wrote:

One profile in medium to bright shade would do me just fine. That represents the majority of light I shoot in

I have been playing with most lighting conditions with profiles on my D300 and D70 and found the same thing over and over again....for the most part the diffrences between lighting conditions is very minimal. It's not to say its non-existant, but it is minimal.

One profile would help me quite a bit, and be a LOT closer to proper than any of the defaults from Adobe.


Hey Roman,

I could make a profile shot for you - just picked up an x-rite passport and still have my trusty old D2x (still in great shape, too). I'm flat out at work this week, but could make one this weekend. Just let me know where to send the nef.

Tom (Marshall) Heim

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