Bayer close to limit, Foveon just started?

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Re: No, and no...

Maxime B wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

  • Bayer sensors don't have a lower limit on color accuracy, they can achieve literally perfect (100% match to human eye perception) color. Foveon sensors have a lower limit of 6% color errors due to failure of observer metamerism.

You keep quoting those numbers. Any references ? I mean serious one, not DP forum messages.

Richard Lyon and Paul Hubbel at Foveon published a paper "Eying the Camera: Into the Next Century" that gave the metamerism index of the Foveon as 0.199, or an 8% error, if I remember how to get from MI to error space. That is the lower bound on color error, because of the lack of colorimetric responses.

They tried to make this look good by giving the metamerism index of two Status I filtered (color separation filters with reduced overlap for process color reproduction) and a video camera sensor. The MI

I can point you to other papers by Lyon, Hubbel, Richard Merril, and Peter Ventura of Foveon, and David Gilblom of Alternate Vision, all explaining where this limit comes from. The one by Gilblom and Ventura is especially interesting, because I'm the one who contributed the large off axis coeffcients comments and the part about 6 band, two shot "shaping filter" work.

Richard Merril incorporated this in another paper, positing a 6 layer Foveon.

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