NEX + M-mount lenses - you struggle with MF?

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Re: Wide M-Mount lenses not good enough to use on NEX?

SixDasher wrote:

The 35/1.4 is just as heavy (if not heavier) as the 18-55 kit, and the 50/1.1 even more so (double?). So don't take these lenses if you want a "light" camerabag.

The 35/1.4 is indeed not sharp in the corners until you stop it down some. A great street lens, not so much for landscapes.

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Agreed, although the 18-55 kit is a solid 20mm or so longer than the CV35/1.4, and that is including the M adapter. The dimensions are more of an issue than weight, to me.

I'm not sure I'd shoot landscapes much below f8, anyways.

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