The future of DSLR, even professional DSLR, is unclear...???

Started Sep 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: The future of DSLR, even professional DSLR, is unclear...???

I'll throw in my $.02, which is highly overpriced ... but I think the mirrorboxes will be replaced by something similar to what the micro 4/3s cameras have, tied to better EVFs of course. What size this will all boil down to, who knows. If they do away with the mirrorboxes but keep the sensor to flange distance the same as it is now, no lenses become obsolete.

I want an incredibly small camera system preferably with a full frame sensor, that said, there is enough competition and resources around so that all my brother and sister photographers can have what they want! I don't want to take any design or type of camera away from anyone in order to have what I want and hopefully that is what will happen ... diversity ... maybe even a full frame Foveon sensor, who knows?

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