Quesabesde Olympus interview translated in bullet point form

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Re: Quesabesde Olympus interview translated in bullet point form

Raist3d wrote:

  • Olympus is trying to go with the needs of the market. Consumers keep wanting to combine reduced size with comfortability of use

Because users want reduced size, olympus is reviving their biggest 4/3 camera, and scraps their reduced size ones. I must have some troubles undestanding english semantics.

I like reduced size too (4/3 that is). E-510 type camera with latest imaging pipeline they have, (and something more if they want) I would buy. I don't do future, but I guess many would.

Now Pentax is harvesting on currently unplowed field. Good for them.

On the other side - AF sensors on new SIGMA DSLR (see inside mirrorbox) do look like made in Olympus. Don't you think so? Olympus sold it, or traded it for something else?

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