Canon EOS 550d - Emergency! Card reading error!

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Canon EOS 550d - Emergency! Card reading error!

Emergency! Need to fix card reading error. I'm alone on holiday! Canon EOS 550d aka Rebel T2i

Hello! Sorry to be verbose but I'm alone in USA for holiday with limited internet and using iPhone. I already tried several solutions with no luck so I wanna explain everything in detail.

I don't have a laptop because of the baggage weight but I'm saving my pics on a Nexto Extreme 320gb.

This was the state of my gear when the problem occurred:

Canon EOS 550d firmware version 1.0.8 bought in June 2010

Sigma 17-70 zoom lens

A 16gb class 6 sdhc card. Previously copied on Nexto but not reformatted.

A 32gb class 6 sdhc card previously copied on Nexto. Reformatted in camera. No problems at all. Used for 2 days.

When I replaced the camera battery with a spare one, and the 32 gb card with the 16gb card, I started having the "no card in camera" error. I tried to put the 32gb card back inside. Same error!
I went immediately to a camera shop to try a new 8gb sdhc card. Same error.

My 16gb card could be read by a different camera and the pictures were still there. I formatted it in this camera and tried on mine. Same error!

Using a Starbucks wifi I learnt that I could hard reset my camera. I managed to locate the internal battery and remove it to reset the camera (had to cut a little piece of plastic to do so). I still get the error on all cards. Even the new 8gb one!
Now I need to try and reinstall the firmware!

I will have to fly to Las Vegas tomorrow September 21st 2010 and I need to find assistance there! Please tell me what stores could help me doing this in Vegas!! I need to save my holiday!!!



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